Το άλμπουμ Monster ένα από τα καλύτερα των Steppenwolf κυκλοφόρησε το 1969 και ήταν το πρώτο με το νέο κιθαρίστα Larry Byrom στη θέση του Michael Monarch. Ήταν το πιο πολιτικό άλμπουμ των Steppenwolf όπως υποδεικνύει και ο τίτλος του, έχει δε πολλές αναφορές στα σημαντικά κοινωνικά και πολιτικά ζητήματα της εποχής, όπως για παράδειγμα ο πόλεμος του Βιετνάμ.

Steppenwolf – Monster (Full album) [1969]

Track listing:

1 – Monster / Suicide / America – 9:15

2 – Draft Resister – 3:20

3 – Power Play – 5:26

4 – Move Over – 2:53

5 – Fag – 3:13

6 – What Would You Do (If I Did That to You) – 3:19

7 – From Here to There Eventually – 5:27




Steppenwolf ‎– Monster [1969] (Full Album)

Monster is the fourth album by Steppenwolf. Released in 1969, it was their first LP with new lead guitarist, Larry Byrom instead of Michael Monarch. The album was Steppenwolf’s most political one, making references to important issues at the time, such as the Vietnam War. The album was the first Steppenwolf album not to feature a US top ten hit, though two singles from the album cracked the top 40: «Move Over» and «Monster»

Reviews for Monster have generally been negative. Rolling Stone commented that the playing of the individual performers is «top-notch», but that «Their arrangements have become sloppy and crude, as the early-Zappa lyrics continuously clash with the music». Allmusic panned the album in their retrospective review, remarking that «these lumbering hard rock tunes were not an effective means to address [important political topics], politically or musically». On the other hand, rock critic Robert Christgau gave the album praise. Christgau gave the album a B+ rating and called it «an excellent comeback», though he thought the preachy lyrics marred somewhat the final result.

Track listing

  1. Monster/Suicide/America (John Kay, Jerry Edmonton)(Nick St. Nicholas, Byrom) – 9:15
  2. Draft Resister (Kay, Goldy McJohn, Byrom) – 3:20
  3. Power Play (Kay) – 5:26
  4. Move Over (Kay, Mekler) – 2:53
  5. Fag (Byrom, Edmonton, St. Nicholas) – 3:13
  6. What Would You Do (If I Did That to You) (Francen, Porter) – 3:19
  7. From Here to There Eventually (Kay, McJohn, Edmonton) – 5:27


Steppenwolf: John Kay: vocals, harmonica, guitar/Jerry Edmonton: drums/Goldy McJohn: keyboards/Nick St. Nicholas: bass/Larry Byrom: lead guitar

Technical personnel: Gabriel Mekler: producer/Bill Cooper: engineer/Richard Podolor: engineer

Released: November 1969/Recorded: 1969/Studio: American Recording Co. Studio, Studio City, CA

Length: 32:53/Label: ABC Dunhill/Producer: Gabriel Mekler

Steppenwolf – Monster [1969] (Full Album)


A1a. Monster Written By: J. Edmonton, J. Kay

A1b. Suicide Written By: J. Edmonton, J. Kay, L. Byrom, N. St. Nicolas

A1c. America Written By: J. Edmonton, J. Kay 9:15

A2. Draft Resister Written By: G. McJohn, J. Kay, L. Byrom 3:20

A3. Power Play Written By: J. Kay 5:26

B1. Move Over Written By: G. Mekler, J. Kay 2:53

B2. Fag Written By: J. Edmonton, L. Byrom, N. St. Nicolas 3:13

B3. What Would You Do (If I Did That To You) Written By: L. Francen, N. Porter 3:19

B4. From Here To There Eventually Written By: G. McJohn, J. Edmonton, J. Kay 5:27

Companies, etc.

Record Company: ABC Records, Inc.

Recorded At American Recording Co.

Pressed By Keel Mfg. Corp.


Engineer: Bill Cooper, Richard Podolor

Producer: Gabriel Mekler

ABC/Dunhill Records ‎– DS-50066/Stateside ‎- 2C062-90764, DS 50066

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: US

Released: 1969

Genre: Rock

Style: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock

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